Contributions to Far Cry 4 were focused on the Shangri-La portion of the game. As a Level Artist, I was one of the first artists assigned to the project during pre-production, and one of the last to close the game. I was responsible for entire maps, as well as helping to support other maps during different phases of production. I primarily worked with Darren Horrocks (Modeller) and Jobye-Kyle Karmaker (Level Artist) for the majority of the production. My contributions include initial layout, world building, set dressing, modelling, texturing, polish and debug.


Far Cry 4 [Shangri-La Mission 2 - Intro]


Far Cry 4 [Shangri-La Mission 2 - Cave Entrance & Bow Acquire]


Far Cry 4 [Shangri-La Mission 2 - Upsidedown Cave]


Far Cry 4 [Shangri-La Mission 5 - Textures]


Far Cry 4 [Shangri-La Mission 5 - Rakshasa Fight]


Far Cry 4 [Shangri-La Mission 4 - Final Temple]